The Speculative Worlds Research Collective emerges from a desire to imagine unconventional pathways to navigating our present world, alternative translations of the past, and prodigious conceptions of the future.

We encourage approaches that join subjective intuitions, hair-brained tangents and embedded expertise into polyphonic strategies of imagination. Speculative Worlds Research Collective believes that such exploratory alchemy may illuminate the dilemmas and limitations inscribed within the pragmatic world of siloed labour and appropriate output - academic or otherwise. We channel our creative methods, practice, and pedagogy through a rigorous academic research-focussed lens. At the core of our ethos is a commitment to fostering open and interdisciplinary collaboration with our neighbours and colleagues, drawing on the diversity of knowledges, lived experiences and creative enquiries that surround and inform us.

Our Summer Lab series has featured cohorts re-imagining conceptions of waste and ruins; devising alternative visions of post-corporeal digital existence; creating virtual more-than-human ecological pedagogies; and performances of multi-sensorial interpretations of radical empathy. We endeavour to create an atmosphere of home and inclusion by offering communal meals and time for forming social bonds outside the lab that nurture research collaborations.

Current Dramaturgs:
William Stewart
Richard Sobey
Caterina Liberace
Richard Müller
Mary Yacoob
Verónica Posada Álvarez
Dr Amy Butt
Chan Du
Kat Gladkova
Simon Opie
Katharine Round
Mary Yacoob

May 29 2024 - Walking Workshop: Exploring Walking Practice for Researchers
June 19 & 20 2024 -  Annual Summer Lab